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Beautiful Adirondack cabin rental . .  .  Cozy . . .  Peaceful . . .
Log Home Porch at cozy romantic getaway mountain retreat in NY's Adirondack State Park NY Cabin Rental fully equiped Adirondack NY Log Cabin Rental Cozy Romantic Getaway Pet Friendly near Lake Placid, Whiteface with plenty of outdoor activities.
for reservations
Call 1-800-715-1333 x 3292
quick response
860-625-5347 (Bruce)
Elevation 1,352' msl
Whiteface Mountain, Whiteface mountain ski resort, NY Skiing, Lake Placid Winter Festival, Winter Ski Packages Whiteface Mountain,
Whiteface in December
Area view of Adironack Mountains as owner decends to land at private airstip located near log home getway in Adirondacks.
Adirondack Mountains
Skiing Whiteface, World Class NY Skiing at Winter Olympic location Whiiteface Mountain.
Skiing Whiteface (click here)
Dear roam natually along upen space along the 105 acres in Adirondack Airpark Estates
Deer Roaming Property
Local Adirondack Lakes provide wonderful recreation activities nearby to the Adirondack Cabin for Rent.
Adirondack Lake Foliage
Silver Lake is 5 miles south located in in Saranac NY and on the way to Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort from Adirondack Log Cabin Rental.
Adirondack Lakes
Swimming in Saranac Rivers
Aerial view of 105 acre estate. Log home located on left just less than 1/2 way down runway.

Comments From Renters
We had a wonderful weekend and the cabin was absoultly wonderful! Great location and beautiful area!
Thank you so much for the rental and i have been talking it up to all my clients and in the future we will hopefully be coming back! Thanks and take care!
~Erica 3/2010
Good afternoon, our stay at the log cabin was amazing. To be honest there wasnt anything to change about it in my opinion. We would like to have the opportunity to come back up there during the summer months. It was relaxing and have told my friends and associates about it.
Eric Noble
Your log home was wonderful! We had a great time!
We left earlier than expected today. Just wanted to let you know in case another group is checking in this afternoon.
The area in the northern Adirondacks is simply beautiful. We hiked Silver Lake yesterday. We'll have fond memories of our stay in your home.  As I type this, snow is falling. Quite a treat for life long Texans!
Take care,   Elba - Fall O9
Hi Bruce,
We wanted to let you know what a great time we had this past weekend at the cabin. We got in early on Friday, unpacked and then went on a loop drive from the cabin to Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, Whiteface Mountain and back.
It was a beautiful night so we had a fire in the pit.
On Saturday we drove to Loon Lake, Paul Smith's College, Tupper Lake and then into Saranac Lake to get some dinner. On Sunday we did a short hike up Silver Lake Mountain as it was only fifteen minutes away from the cabin.
The cabin was cozy and beautiful. We loved sitting in the great room with the cathedral ceiling and wood floors. Standing on the second floor looking down was awe-inspiring. The peace, quiet and solitude helped to melt away the stress from the work week.
Our wish was that we had more time but as the saying goes "time flies when you are having fun" and the weekend was over before we knew it. We got to see a little piece of what the Adirondacks have to offer and look forward to returning in the near future.
Thanks again for allowing us the opportunity to unwind and relax in paradise (A.K.A. the Adirondacks).
John & Julie
Bruce, we want to thank you for the great stay we had at your log home.
It really turned out fantastic! We enjoyed skiing and snowboarding at both Titus and Whiteface Mountains. Our visit to the historic city of Montreal was worth the ride.
And the log home... what can I say... it left me speechless the moment I walked in. The only thing that was missing was a horse for a sleigh ride in the snow!
One thing for sure . . . We'll definitely be back again! ~ Magda Brostele
Hello Bruce,
First I hope everything was in order after we left. We tried to leave no "footprint".
Sorry its taken us so long to get back to you about our stay at your wonderful log home.
Anyway your place is fantastic, I loved the kitchen with the granite tops, and both baths, all products I sell.
We had a great time and hope to rent it again. Jeff & Kim

Cancelation Policy:
Full refund 60 days from rental.   50% refund within 30 days of rental.  No refunds if less than 30 days from rental  dates or may have a credit to a future rental of the same time within a  two week notice of rental request in the future.



Preparing For Your Adirondack Ski Vacation - No Matter Where You're Visiting From 

Our beautiful lodges make for the perfect base for a ski vacation at Whiteface ski resort, as well as being convenient if you want to visit Lake Placid or take a day trip to Montreal. Whether you are a seasoned family of skiers or you are planning to experience the sport for the first time on your Adirondack vacation, it pays to make sure you are well prepared. Skiing can be thrilling and great exercise, but it is not without some risk, so it is a good idea to make sure you have all the right gear and have had some practice before you head to the resort.

Should you bring your own skis?
You may decide that you don't want to bring all of your own ski gear, particularly bulkier stuff like the skis themselves. You will be able to hire skis at the resort, but this can work out to be the more expensive option if you ski regularly, and some people simply prefer to trust their own equipment. It is really down to you and how easy it will be to transport them whether you buy and bring your own skis when you come to the Adirondacks. If you are coming by car from a relatively local location then you may be able to use a roof rack or even fit your skis inside your car, but if you are flying from elsewhere in the USA or from Europe (for example) you may not want to pay the premium to carry skis on the plane. Whether you buy or rent skis, it is important that you understand how to pick the right length for your height, build and skiing style. If you have never been skiing before, don't be afraid to ask the advice of the people in the store or at the resort with this, as getting it right will make a huge difference to how easy you find your first forays onto the slopes!

Get a 'taster' session at a dry ski slope
It is a very good idea for you and your family to take a day skiing ahead of your trip, whether to refresh your skills if it has been a while since your last ski vacation, or to build some basic skills ahead of time if this will be your first ski trip. If you live near a ski resort and the season is right, you can simply buy a day pass or a day of instruction and head out and ski on real snow, but because this isn't an option for a lot of people, there are also plenty of dry ski slopes where you can practice the sport no matter where you live or what the weather is like. Just one session can improve your skills and confidence and will mean you have something to build on when you hit the resort, but if you have time you can even take weekly lessons for a few weeks before your vacation. It can be a fun thing to do as a family and will make your ski vacation in the Adirondacks even better. Look at dry skiing amenities at local leisure centers to find somewhere you can go.

Make sure you are adequately insured
Skiing does come with a certain amount of risk in terms of personal injury, so it is vital to make sure you have adequate insurance for everyone who is coming on your ski vacation in the Adirondacks. If you are coming from elsewhere in the USA, check the terms of your health insurance and see if you need to purchase additional winter sports insurance to cover you for anything that might happen while you are skiing. In most cases, additional insurance will be required. If you are coming from abroad, normal travel insurance generally will not cover you for any incidents that occur where you may need medical treatment as a result of taking part in skiing, snowboarding or similar sports activities. It is therefore really important to get a good winter sports insurance policy before coming skiing in the Adirondacks if you are visiting from the UK, or from elsewhere in the world. It is important not to cut corners on your insurance, as you never know what kind of assistance you may need and this can be a problem when you are in a foreign country.

Make sure your kids are prepared
If you are taking children with you on your ski vacation, make sure they know what to expect at the resort, and give them plenty of chances to ask questions. Encourage them to read about skiing and look at videos on the internet so they are familiar with what is going to be expected of them and what will be happening around them. Skiing is exciting, but some children may be a little bit afraid or daunted by the prospect of taking to the slopes for the first time, and they also need to know how to behave when it comes to things like taking ski lifts. This is another reason why having some preliminary lessons or ski days at a dry slope can make the trip run more smoothly - the more exposure kids have had to the world of skiing before they are immersed in it on a full ski vacation, the more at ease they will be.
A skiing vacation in the Adirondacks is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some quality time as a family in a beautiful location, as well as enjoy some exciting skiing, but it is really important you and the people you are traveling with are prepared for the experience. Sometimes even people who have been skiing on numerous occasions before benefit from a refresher course before going on an intensive ski vacation, and everybody needs to make sure they are properly covered by a good insurance policy. Do your research, practice where and when you can, and equip yourself with the right clothing and equipment, and there should be nothing to stop you having a magical time on your ski trip!

Whiteface: Taking The High Road  

It’s not often that a road is awarded a prestigious listing on the United States’ National Register of Historic Places, but the Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway is the exception to the rule. This is a road like no other. The paved highway snakes up through the Adirondack Park to the summit of the 4867 foot-high Olympic Mountain and rewards you with breath-taking, 360-degree views across hundreds of miles of rugged terrain towards Vermont and Canada. Whiteface is New York State’s fifth highest peak and is home to the world-renowned ski resort, however, the highway pre-dates the resort by 20 years and was originally opened in 1936 by Franklin D Roosevelt after he became President.
An alpine tollhouse and Lake Stevens, named after Olympic bobsledder Hubert Stevens, mark the start of the highway. This pristine pond is stocked annually to provide visitors with fantastic fishing opportunities in an idyllic area and there is also a 10 minute walking trail around the circumference of the lake. In this short walk alone, hikers can view all 34 species of tree indigenous to the northern Adirondacks. From this Tollhouse area, the highway increases in elevation by a staggering 2300 feet in just five miles. Natural wildflowers line the road and gigantic bedrock boulders, over one billion years old, stand guard as visitors gradually make their way to the summit, stopping at a choice of nine designated lookout areas.

Time For Renewal

The Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway is, quite simply, a national treasure with immense historical value. However, as a road that sees nearly 30,000 vehicles pass through during just one season, it’s timely news that state officials have accelerated plans for a $12 million renovation project that will see the historical highway repaired and renewed for further generations. Work will start in the spring of 2014. Sections of the highway will be repaved and the tollhouse at the start of the highway and the stone castle at the summit will both be renovated. Roadside drainage will be improved, road signs replaced and rest areas will have new picnic tables. The project is expected to be completed by December 2015.
Officials say that the acceleration of the project and the aggressive schedule planned to get the work completed, means that local services and tourism will remain largely unaffected.

Lake Placid: An Olympic Resort

Whiteface has the highest vertical drop, at a terrifying 3430 feet, of any ski destination east of the Rockies. This attracts advanced, challenge-seeking skiers from around the globe to Lake Placid, a village ten miles from the mountain and thought to be one of the best ski resorts in eastern United States. Skiers come to follow in the footsteps of the Olympic greats - Lake Placid hosted the Winter Games in 1932 and 1980. Although the resort does offer a wide choice of green and blue runs for beginners and reds for intermediates, it’s the double-black diamond runs that set this area apart from other ski destinations. Whiteface is home to the “Slides”: a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the mountain that takes fearless skiers through uncut terrain. This kind of skiing is not for the faint-hearted, requiring a sixth sense to negotiate over frozen waterfalls, unexpected tree stumps and rocky paths laced with ice. The “Slides” are only open to skiers when there is enough natural snowfall. This is a harsh mountain with a northerly exposure and icy winds, but the overall image of Whiteface has softened in recent years. Families need not be put off - there is now a warm gondola making the trek to the top of the slopes a little more bearable for those not quite as hardy, plus extended learning slopes for children and adult beginners to learn to ski.


There is a vibrant energy to the resort of Lake Placid, born from its Olympic heritage, that invites participation from visitors even if not a keen skier. Just a short walk from the main street, a former ski jump has been remodeled into a toboggan run that catapults people several feet across Mirror Lake. The former Olympic speed-skating rink is open for visitors, as are numerous bobsled runs. Walking opportunities in the area are plentiful, with miles of cross-country trails snaking around the outer area of the village. After an active day, the resort offers a wide choice of hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques.
Whether you’re a hardcore skier seeking to follow the path of Olympic superstars gone by, or simply a traveler wishing to enjoy the gentler route up the Veteran’s Memorial Highway, both Lake Placid and the rugged beauty of Whiteface have plenty to offer everyone!

~ Article written by Melissa Jones


Skiing and Vacationing in the Adirondacks  

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The Adirondack Mountains are well known for having much of the East Coast's premiere ski terrain. Forming a 180-mile wide dome, these mountains offer telemarking, backcountry, snowboarding and good old downhill sports opportunities.

Gore Mountain

Gore advertises itself as a family ski spot, and features the largest number of skiable terrain in New York State. Explore the glades, drops and cruisers of Gore Mountain, with spectacular views.

Rest your weary bones inexpensively at the Georgian Lake Resort. Dine at Giovanna's On The Lake, and enjoy dinner theater and a game room, just half an hour from the slopes.

Weekend discounts can be rare, but Gore offers lift ticket and ski and stay packages for less than $200 per person. There are also several bed and breakfast options for under $250, including Tumble Inn and On the Way B&B.

Whiteface Mountain

This is the best location for Olympic fans, with its tall peaks, the Ausable River and challenging winter venues. The area also features the finest downhill run outside of the Rockies.

Whiteface is very kid friendly, with its Kids Kampus and Bunny Hutch chair lift. It also features an entire day of teen snowboarding and ski lessons for 13 to 16 year olds. And what teen doesn't prefer to hang out with his or her peers?

Whiteface's terrain park is ideal for beginning to intermediate skiers, offering the Bronze trail for the former and a “super mini” half pipe for the latter. Expert skiers will find advanced jumps in the Broadway and Brookside area.

Titus Mountain

Nestled in tiny Malone, New York, Titus offers family activities, such as tubing. It claims to be uncrowded and affordable. Visitors will be sure to enjoy its two completely refurbished lodges. Kilburn Manor also offers affordable lodging, and is listed as an exceptionally good value in  placecountry-regionAmerica's Favorite Inns, B&B's & Small Hotels.

Titus' “super-saver specials” include evening skiing until 10 pm, free admission for seniors over 70 and one little kid's ticket per adult admission.

For log cabin enthusiasts, has hand-hewn cabins decorated in the placeAdirondack style. Settle in by your cozy fire, snuggled in handmade log furnishings. Log cabins offer a deeply restful rusticity that no other lodging can provide.

Adirondack Vacation Log Cabin Rental  
Cozy gas fireplace offers a romantic cozy atmosphere at this quiet romantic cabin.
Our Adirondack vacation mountain cabin rental is among  the best Adirondack vacation rentals
 available for your next vacation. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fully equipped vacation rental cabin will provide the perfect atmosphere for a summer getaway, winter getaway or a romantic retreat, a fishing vacation, hunting cabin, adventure vacation, or a honeymoon cabin. This secluded Adirondack lodging is centrally located to Whiteface Mountain (22 minutes) allowing a great ski vacation spot or fun trip to  Lake Placid or a day trip to Montreal.  Read what past renters have to say.

located in NY's Adirondack State Park
 Whiteface Skiing
Lake placid
for reservations
Call 1-800-715-1333 x 3292
quick response 860-625-5347 (Bruce)
Adironack Log Rental Winter Setting
Secluded yet centrally located in the NY Adirondack State Park. This very well kept clean new log cabin is 25 minutes to Whiteface Skiing, 30 minutes to Plattsburgh, 30 minutes to Lake Placid, 1 hour and 20 minutes to Montreal.  Adirondack mountain views to the north.   Over looking Saranac River Valley.  Nearby access to Adirondack snowmobile trails.  Guides available on request.  Log home is a part of a 105 ac subdivision that even has it's own private paved airstrip.
Master Bedroom looking into Cathedral Ceiling Open Space Living area.

Whether you're a pilot or not, rent this beautiful cabin for any period of
 time and enjoy the endless beauty of Adirondack Airpark Estates 105ac secluded grounds.

This 1450 sf log home is complete and sits upon a beautiful  4 ac lot
 with tall pines and apple trees.  Furnished and ready to move into.  
  It is a 3 BR 2 bath home that can be enjoyed in the mountains
with well planned efficient space.


Perhaps the appearance of the porch with its dramatic covering catches the eye first. This specialty porch sends out an invitation to pull up a rocking chair and savor the mountain views.   The 36' X 8' covered cedar porch is meant to be used all year round.  Enjoy the 6' X 24' back porch with it's warm southern exposure.


The Langley Log Home offers a large 24' x 20' cathedral great room and open floor plan with three bedrooms and two full baths.  Skylights, ceiling fans and a gas fired stove high-light the ambience of the  northern white cedar D shaped logs and interior walls of knotty pine. Built with  high ceilings project a spacious, open area for multi use purposes. Round purlins and trusses provide a cozy charm in this particular interior. Finished with hickory kitchen cabinets, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances and under counter stainless sink.  Bathrooms with mahogany vanity and exquisite granite and marble tile work.  There is a workshop in the full basement and  a washer and dryer.   The warmth of this home wraps its visitors in comfort.


Rental rates
Weekend.  3 night min.($675 total)
Add'l nights $180

Monthly and Seasonal Available. Call us!
Contact us with your rental needs.
(Be sure to write  "LOG RENTAL"  in subject)
Or call 1-800-932-9091 x 3144  leave message

For immediate response
and last minute reservations
 call owners cell phone

Cozy gas fireplace offers a romantic cozy atmosphere at this quiet romantic cabin.  
 Italian tumbled marble ads unique ambience to this adironack getaway cabin. Authentic Log Home is the feeling one has at this Adirondack Vacation Getaway
A deposit required for bookings. So call now, we're booking fast. Come and enjoy one of the best Adirondack vacations ever.  To have a great vacation you're only required to bring your personal belongings, skis, snowmobiles, a good book, a fishing pole and a smile.

Master Bedroom looking into Cathedral Ceiling Open Space Living area. Adironack Log Rental Winter Setting

Address: Saranac, NY
County: Clinton
Total # of bedrooms: 3
Total # bathrooms: 2
Maximum occupancy: 6 comfortably, yet up to 10
Winter availability: Yes
Linens provided: Yes
Smoking permitted: No
Pets considered: Call owner.
Scenic views, gas  fireplace,  fully equipped kitchen,  covered and uncovered deck, washer/dryer, telephone, television, DVD player, DVD movies, stereo, CD player, VCR.  Full basement.

Owner's telephone number: 860-625-5347 cell
voicemail 1-800-715-1333 x 3144

Owner's email address:
(Please put LOG RENTAL in subject)

Our Adirondack vacation mountain cabin rental is perfect for a summer getaway & romantic retreat or honeymoon cabin. Near Whiteface Mountain Lake Placid & Montreal.  Call us today to find out more information or to lock in your dates. Call Bruce Francisco 860-625-5347

Hi Bruce,

I just wanted to say thanks again for the Log Home rental. We all had a great time and really enjoyed the place and its seclusion from the world. We had no problems with anything.

I hope to use it next year (I'm deploying to Afghanistan next week) and I will recommend it to others.

Thanks again!

Roger October 2013

Hi bruce,
i just want to tell you that we had a great at the cabin this weekend and that you have such a beautiful place.  We look forward to staying there again!
Thank you, Kevin
Oct 2013

Thank u so much for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful cabin. We hope to come back again! We are leaving now we weren't able to do much due to having the dogs! We will definitely be leaving the dogs home next time! Just wanted you to know so your caretaker can grab the keys where you left them for us! Thank you so much again!
Thank you,
Kara Aug 2013

Just wanted to say thank you, again, for a wonderful week at your log home. We couldn't have asked for a better place (location and accommodations). We hope to be able to stay again at some point.  ;)
Angela and Jason May 2013

Wonderful cabin. My dogs and I took great pleasure in snowshoeing around. We stayed away from the runway, and walked in the woods. We saw three dears, on a beautiful tranquil day....who could ask for anything more. As I hiked in the woods, my family enjoyed two great days skiing at WhiteFace. The consensus on Whiteface was WOW!!!! We also enjoyed a visit to Saranac and Lake Placid. Thanks for the memories.
Dana McPhail March 2013

I just wanted to thank you so much, and to let you know how much fun Niki and had while at your log home. So much great relaxing, hiking, and had a great time repelling at Ausable Chasm! Got some really amazing photos too. Thank you so much again, you really have an amazing place.

Thank you so much, and we look forward to our next visit up to your cabin. We'll definitely be back!!!

Take care,
Steve and Niki Sept 2012
Hello again Bruce!

I wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to stay at your beautiful log home. It was the perfect getaway and beyond anything I imagined. I will surely look to book again.

I hope you found everything in order as I found it. Thank you again and please feel free to contact me if anything is amiss but I made sure everything was left intact.

Thank You,
SF  - Sept 2012

 As for our stay, we could not have stayed in a more perfect place! It was exactly what we had been looking and our expectations were well met, actually exceeded! We talked about making it back up there next winter to do some snow boarding and rent snow mobiles, hopefully we can.

Thanks for a truly perfect vacation!

Carlos and Jenn

We had an amazing time at your log home, the area is breathtaking!. It is even more beautiful than your website suggests!   The house had everything we needed and we will absolutely be back. We went snow-tubing about 40 mins away, although the name of the place escapes me. The staff at the snow-tube lodge was so sweet, what a great little town!

Thanks so much for an unforgettable experience and for allowing me to reuse my previous credit. It is much appreciated.

All the best,
Maggie   Feb 2012

I want to thank you for allowing us to use your cabin.We had a lot of fun staying there.Everything was perfect.We treated your cabin like its one of ours.I am sure we will be back.Only thing I want to bring to your attention is that I broke one of your glasses.I was a little careless and I am sorry.
Thank you and God Bless!
Amir - New Years Eve 2012

We absolutely loved thecabin....absolutely perfect for our taste!!! Very convenient for everything we did during our stay, and the food at Big Daddy's is excellent!!! We hope to stay there again!!!
~ Honeymoon Couple Oct 2011

My wife, friends and I had a great time at your cabin, we loved so much we are going back in sometime in January, I will let you know when exactly sometime in November. We went to Lake Placid, Whiteface and the High Falls George and Wilmington State Park, we would've done so much more but the first 3 days was raining a lot, but everything was a very beautiful experience, Thank you for everything, and take care!
I want to say thank you for the use of your cabin. I have to say that the area is just incredible. There are sites in the north country that you can not get anywheres else. The cabin is awesome. Beautiful wood work with the knotty pine and the slate shower walls. As you said we would not be let down. Hope that the keepers found that we kept it clean and easy to get ready for the next group that will be enjoying it. We will be back again. Hope to be able to be there in 4 years so my daughter will remember the north pole.
Thanks a million it was great.
Matt  (Early Aug 2011)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to use the cabin. It made my wife very happy and in turn I was happy as well. I never plan anything and the one time that I did, it was successful.

I have told everyone what a good time we had and how nice the cabin was so someone else may want to take advantage of your hospitality. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Very Respectfully,

July 2011
Just to let you know we had a lovely time at your log cabin it was very nice, we hiked Mt coldern one day a ten hour hike lots of rocks to climb up and plenty of mud we where all so dirty and tired but so worth it the views on top where amazing.

We hiked Mt Marcy the next day another long and muddy hike . Monday we drove to the top of Whiteface mountain and checked out the castle on top this is worth a visit such a amazing view,we stopped at lake Placid and then headed off home a seven hour drive I was was dead the next day.

My friends saw the bunnies by your cabin I missed then but on our last morning about 5.30am we had a visit from a young deer we managed to take a photo. It was fun sharing the deck with a family of robins that have made a nest by one of your lamps so we had to be careful not to stand near the nest as you didn't want to get drive bombed by the parents, it was fun watching the parents dig for worms and head back to feed the little ones they made a lot of noise at feeding time but otherwise you would never know they where in the nest.
Hi Bruce,

It was really nice. It is a beautiful and quiet place. Also, I have to add, Donnie is a really nice guy and made us feel as welcomed as you did in our phone calls. I will post a comment on the website as soon as I have a few minutes, I had to steal a few minutes just to reply. Guess that is why we needed a weekend getaway!

Thank you
Steve and Natalie - February 2011- Canada

P.S. after reading and adding to the guest comment book, we think you should change it to "the Giddyup Log Cabin".

Hi Bruce--
I just wanted to let you know--three months later!--how much we enjoyed our trip to the Adirondacks! (We were there the first week of August.) My kids still talk about it all the time and you cannot believe how well our three year old can say Adirondacks!
Hopefully we'll make it back one day. You have a lovely home and it was so private, peaceful and beautiful!
Thanks again!
Renae Khalil

Wanted to write and say how much we enjoyed our stay!!!! The cabin was amazing and the surrounding grounds so peaceful. Had a great time visiting our family and we plan to return at some point. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us :-)
-The Ego Family
Griswold, CT
Aug 2010

Good Morning Bruce
We enjoyed our stay at your beautiful log cabin.
The surrounding acres was like having our own park to walk in. It's my first day back to work in Manhattan and it's a bit of harsh reality after being in a slice of heaven the last four days. I am working on relocating upstate soon. We have been visiting Clinton, Essex and Hamilton counties for the last several years but have decided that Clayburg and the surrounding towns would be our location to build a house. We will keep you and your construction company in mind.
Thanks again

Hi Bruce,

We had a wonderful weekend and the cabin was absoultly wonderful!
Great location and beautiful area!
Thank you so much for the rental and i have been talking it up to all my clients
and in the future we will hopefully be coming back! Thanks and take care!

~Erica 3/2010